When Life Pours Out the Good Stuff

Written By Alee Parker - April 04 2017


Dayna Cade
May 28 2017

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with the world, Alee. I knew you were special from the monentbO met you on the Cruz Presidential campaign and I’m just as excited as ever to see what wonderful ways in which God will use you.

Donna Clark
April 16 2017

Alee, I only met you for a few minutes in church last fall and knew immediately that you are an amazingly beautiful woman inside and out. I strongly believe that God will bless you and Josh richly as man and wife, as parents, and as workers in God’s kingdom. Keep up your beautiful faith and love and your gift for writing from your heart—the last is a gift which will far exceed your talents in politics or business.. Donna Clark (Mary Parker’s mom)

Joanne Hanley
April 11 2017

Congratulations on your wedding
Many happy years together. Keep that maple syrup coming. Great product

Amanda Horn
April 11 2017

This story is truly amazing. I am so glad that God has placed these opportunities and experiences in your life, and that you have found where you are meant to be. I always knew that you would succeed in whatever you did.
Best of luck to your new and permanent Parker family.
Love you girl,

April 11 2017

Your story is a blessing! I only had a few conversations with Parker on the march for life trip to D.C., you have quite the husband! So happy for you and your family!

April 11 2017

Blessings for all of you.And that extends to Parker’s Maple !

Ed Higgins
April 11 2017

Bill Gates quit college; it is not the only path to success. Self employment will provide you both much happier rewarding careers than working for someone else. Best of luck to you; I plan to visit this summer to see your operation and become a “paying customer”.

Alyssa Bourquein
April 10 2017

I love this and you are simply amazing! I cannot wait to see what all God has in store for you and just how his blessing unfold in your lives! ❤️

Janell Morris
April 10 2017

You and Josh are wise beyond your years. Your son will be a blessing and has already changed your direction in life. At the end of time, it is our relationships that live on forever. May God continue to bless and prosper you!

Jessica Skaggs
April 10 2017

So proud of you friend! Love you and your sweet family! ☺️

Jenna Franklin
April 10 2017

I LOVE YOU! so so proud.

Rae Gennarelli
April 08 2017

Beautifully written by a beautiful young woman and mother-to-be. So proud of you and the decisions you have made.

Margaret Stuart
April 08 2017

Going to enjoy the Pearls and Perils of Parker as I see what God has in His plans for you three! Love you all so much. Aunt Margaret

Marlene Parcell
April 07 2017

I love this, Alee! You are SO amazing.

Cindy Caldwell
April 04 2017

What an amazing and inspiring story.. Thank you SO much for sharing, Alee! We have been following Joshua for some time now and we had no idea he was starting a family!

Proud of how you handled this and turned it all into a positive. Refreshing! God bless you and your NEW family.

We are VERY excited to follow along,
Mrs. Cindy Caldwell

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