Welcome to the world, Rhett

Written By Alee Parker - July 13 2017


July 31 2017

Congratulations to two wonderful people. Happy birthday Rhett, and enjoy every little blessing.

Debbie Ziegler
July 31 2017

Rhett is absolutely beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy this experience!!!

Gayle Teller
July 31 2017

Congratulations! He is beautiful. It sounds like you had quite a roller coaster of a delivery and from my experience as a Mother of 3 Sons, every delivery is different and I’m blessed to have gone through each , separate feelings with each birth. Enjoy your baby Boy! They grow up way, too fast. <3

July 31 2017

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So very happy for the three of you!!!! God’s blessings to you all!!! Thank you for sharing.

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